New book from the Group

The new book (e-book) of the Research Group is out! Download it for free at:

The launch will be on 31/3 at 8pm on the publisher’s YouTube channel:

Free publications for download

The Ministry of Justice makes available several important works on the theme of Transitional Justice for free download on the link: - conteudo/anistia/anistia-politica-2

Book Transitional Justice in Brazil: Notes

Collective work organized by Eneá de Stutz e Almeida deals with the four pillars of Transitional Justice.The book is the result of the Research Group of Transitional Justice in Brazil of the Postgraduate Program in Law at the University of Brasilia (UnB) and can be purchased at the Editora CRV website. SynopsisIn the late 1980s, Brazil began the transition from a State of Exception to a...

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