How was the political amnesty in Brazil?

In this interview, about the release of the Group’s new book, Professor Eneá explains the type of political amnesty that occurred in Brazil in 1979, which was an amnesty of convictions only. Check it out in the video:

New book from the Group

The new book (e-book) of the Research Group is out! Download it for free at:

The launch will be on 31/3 at 8pm on the publisher’s YouTube channel:

Memory, Truth, Reparation and Justice

Professor Eneá prepared a thesis on the type of political amnesty carried out in Brazil in 1979, compatible with the STF’s decision in ADPF 153, and which allows for the accountability of human rights violators during the dictatorship. Check it out in the text below:


Interview with Professor Eneá in the fifth issue of Cadernos do NUPPOME

The fifth issue of Cadernos do NUPPOME, a digital publication linked to the Memory Policy Research Center of UFPel, is available for reading. In this issue, the magazine brings an interview with Eneá de Stutz e Almeida, professor at the University of Brasília and former member of the Amnesty Commission; a text on the role of the military from democracy to pandemic, written by Anaís Medeiros...

Opinion for the STF

We were invited to prepare an opinion for the Suspension of Injunction No. 1326 of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), a consequence of the People’s Action filed before the 5th Federal Court of Rio Grande do Norte, proposed by Federal Deputy Natália Bastos Bonavides, seeking the withdrawal from the Ministry of Defense website of a note commemorating March 31. We have drafted the opinion in a...

Contributions to the activity of the Amnesty Commission

The Research Group has dedicated this first semester to reflecting on the activity of the Amnesty Commission, especially after the changes made in the administrative reform. The first meeting of the Commission’s Council took place recently, in June 2019. There is a new composition of the Council and a new Ministry hosting this State Commission; in this scenario, many doubts and...

Important new publications from the group

A new online publication of the 2nd Criminal Chamber of the MPF has just come out, available at articles/07_18_collection_of_articles_justice_transaction Among the excellent subsidies on the theme of transitional justice, there are three texts by members of our group: the teacher Eneá de Stutz e Almeida and her students, masters...

New text on judicial reform in the light of transitional justice

This text was presented this week at the II Congress of Philosophy of Law for the Latin World (Ilatina 2018), held in Rio de Janeiro. Written by the coordinator of the Research Group, prof. Eneá, and by her academic student Lahis Rosa, the text brings reflections on the dimension of the reform of institutions applied to the Judiciary. It is worth checking it out!

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