Contributions to the activity of the Amnesty Commission


The Research Group has dedicated this first semester to reflecting on the activity of the Amnesty Commission, especially after the changes made in the administrative reform. The first meeting of the Commission’s Council took place recently, in June 2019. There is a new composition of the Council and a new Ministry hosting this State Commission; in this scenario, many doubts and uncertainties may eventually bring some distress to those who deal with the issue of political amnesty in Brazil.

Thus, the Research Group deemed it pertinent to look into some specific themes of the Amnesty Commission’s routine activity and produced the seven texts that are now published. These reflections were designed to provide arguments to qualify the debate on the constitutional process of reparation in Brazil based on the work of the Amnesty Commission.

The Research Group wishes to contribute, thus, in this moment of tensions and apprehensions regarding the continuity of the Amnesty Commission as a State organ, which needs to evaluate the persecutions imposed by the State itself in the form of the State of Exception.

So that it will not be forgotten, so that a State of Exception never happens again in Brazil!

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